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Thunderball Cave


Thunderball Cave in Staniel Cay, Exumas, was the site for filming the James Bond movie Thunderball.  The grotto is one of the prime places in the Bahamas for snorkeling.  As you approach the entrance to the grotto, you are surrounded by tropical fish.  Many snorkelers bring “snacks” for the fish, so they assume you have something for them to eat.  You can swim through them and they don’t scatter.  Once inside the cave, there are more fish.  In my opinion, the plant life is not as beautiful as other places we have snorkeled, notably Rocky Dundas.  We don’t have underwater photos of that grotto as we weren’t using our underwater camera then.  Hopefully we’ll be back in Exuma Park soon and able to take pictures there to compare the two caves.  For blog of this day, click here.