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Pet Parade

The pet parade is the official opening of the Georgetown Regatta.   Since the theme of the regatta is “Under the Deep Blue Sea, Las Vegas Style,” we decided to have Daisy portray a Las Vegas type dancer, Carmen Miranda.  We found her signature song, “Boom Chica Boom Boom” on iTunes and downloaded it.  Of course, she had to have a turban decorated with fruit.  Not having any fruit, JoAnne kindly painted some sea urchin shells to look like fruit and then Mark wrapped my purple “Turbie Twist” towel with beads.  Rather than glue everything on, Mark sewed on the decorations.  He cut down a milk carton, placed the turban on top of it, and tied it around Daisy’s neck. 

JoAnne let Daisy wear a pink stretchy top of hers, which fit Daisy perfectly.  Beads around her neck and a few flowers around her tail completed the ensemble.

Mark wrote a bio text which was read while Daisy pranced on the stage and the “Boom Chica Boom Boom” music was played in the background.  There were twelve dogs in the Pet Parade, most in very cute costumes.  Here is the bio:

Daisy Doodle Bio

Hello my name is Daisy Doodle, Stage name Doggie Miranda, and I am sooo happy to be here with all of you wonderful animals. I’m a 4 1/2 year old, 32 inch tall, svelte 60 pound, brown eyed natural blonde – no blonde jokes please! The people I own are Jan and Mark and we all live aboard a sailing, bite my tongue, CAT-A – Maran. I don’t know why they just don’t call it a floating Dog Condo!

I am the “CHIEF PET OFFICER”  and my main duties besides looking cute, eating, and sleeping include: keep watch/guard, make sure my Captain gets the dinghy ashore every morning and evening so I can check out the local beaches, perform “shore doodies”, and of course the obligatory begging for treats. Oh, I almost forgot, the stupid humiliating pet tricks I have to do in front of people!

We all are really novice sailors. Would you believe that before a year and a half ago the only boat these two ever owned or sailed in their lives was a Chevy Tahoe and boy did I ever get car sick in that sled! Then they go and buy this “Electric Boat” a little over a year ago and make me risk my tail dragging me everywhere from Fort Lauderdale to Corpus Christi to Charleston and now HERE! What an adventure - ashore squatting amongst every kind of critter imaginable from snakes and alligators to spiders, mosquitoes, flies, and fleas, not to mention swimming with the sharks, rays, and every other sea creature. Sure beats freezing your tail off in some snow bank in Saint Paul.

After I win this comPETition, I hope to parley the exposure to a center spread in PET House Magazine, perform in a LOST Vegas Review, or launch my career as an actress.

I LICK You All,

Daisy Doodle A.k.a Doggie Miranda