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George Town


Georgetown is “THE DESTINATION” for many cruisers who come to the Exumas.  There are a lot of activities here, but if you aren’t into that, you can also find places to anchor by yourself.  The town itself is a great place to re-provision, replacing food items and other things you’ve run out of or forgot to bring.  The prices are not outrageous, and some grocery items are “price controlled” which means that they are subsidized by the Bahamian government.  In particular, cheese and butter are in this category as well as some baking items.  We have found good prices on potatoes and other foods which are “staples.”  While this isn’t a prime area for snorkeling or fishing and conching, there are nice places to hike and beautiful beaches.  Below are some of the photos we’ve taken in our first week here. Most need no explanation.....just enjoy the beauty.   Blog for Georgetown begins here.