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We lived in a rural area of Minnesota, about 20 minutes from shopping and other signs of civilization.  It is beautiful and we had many enjoyable walks with Daisy.  These shots were taken on her last morning walk.  The road leads straight into Afton State Park, although we usually turned on another road, taking us in a circular route back home.  The walks in January weren’t quite as idyllic, but Daisy enjoyed them all.  She loved to roll in the snow, but she won’t see any more of that now.  There are only a few neighbors - farmers and a few others who love the peace and quiet of this area.  At 7 am, all we heard was birds, a few roosters in the neighborhood, and the sounds of rustling trees.  Occasionally, we’d meet Peg and Paul with their two dogs, and perhaps the rare car taking its driver to work.  Turkeys and deer sometimes were seen in the fields and outside our windows.  But, overall, we walked in quiet solitude.