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Since we are living aboard, we are no doubt outfitting Seas the Day a bit more elaborately than needed for day sails.  Much of what we bought before we arrived in Ft. Lauderdale was purchased online and in local Minnesota stores.   Listed below are additional items which were specifically purchased for marine use. 

GALLEY: (Polycarb and stainless)

Magma Stainless Steel Nesting Cookware - Grills For Boats (online)

Magma Monterey Gas Grill - Wholesale Marine (online)

Magma Stainless Steel Wok - Wholesale Marine (online)

Kuhn-Rikon 7 qt Duromatic Pressure Cooker - Kuhn-Rikon

Corelle dishes -Walmart

Polycarb glassware - Sam’s Club

Kitchenaid polycarb blender - Bed, Bath, and Beyond

Krups stainless steel coffee maker - Bed, Bath, and Beyond

Brita water filter pitcher - Sam’s Club

Chicago stainless steel knives - Kohl’s Department Store

Magnetic knife strip holder - Target

Sterite plastic dish drainer (fits perfectly in sink) - Walmart

Welcome Aboard mat - West Marine

Corning SimplyLite bakeware set - Sam’s Club

Cookie pan (9X12) (fits in oven) - Amazon.com

Sharp Convection Microwave Oven - Amazon.com

Zoijrushi Mini Breadmaker - Amazon.com

SAFETY ITEMS: (most of these purchased at West Marine)

Six 3 lb. USCG approved Kiddie fire extinguishers

Four additional 3/4 in. braided nylon docklines (hurricane)

Marine first aid kit


Two auto inflate PFD’s w/harness attachment

Two harnesses with double tethers

Two child USCG PFD’s

One infant USCG PDF’s

Four type 5 adult offshore PFD’s

Emergency Flare kit

Three aerial red rockets

USCG Life sling crew overboard device

Five foot extendable boat hook

Compressed air horn signal

Marine bell

3 million candle power spotlight

Two waterproof Streamlite LED flashlights

Hand bilge pump

Two PFD strobe lights

Caulking gun and marine caulk

Marine epoxy putty

Handheld compass


Rapid Ditch Bag

Two Jacklines

ELECTRONICS: (West Marine)

Handheld floating portable VHF radio

Two assorted electrical fuse kits

Garmin Colorado 400C Handheld GPS

Raymarine E120 Chart Plotter

Navionics Chart Chip for the East Coast and Bahamas

Navionics Chart Chip for the Gulf Coast

Canary Wireless Wifi Finder - Online at Canarywireless.com

Motorola Walkie Talkies - Radio Shack

Mariner 500 headsets

NAVIGATION:  (West Marine)

Maptech Chart Kits

Cruising guides

Parallel rule

Light rule

Navigation aids Rules of the Road card

Underwater camera (Gift)

Waterproof Binoculars w/built in compass and range finder (Gift)

TOOLS: (Most purchased at Home Depot)

Micro flameless butane torch

Refill butane cartridge

Miscellaneous pliers

Various sizes and configured screwdrivers

Coping saw


Two hammers

Rubber mallet

Drill motor, rechargeable

Four inch circular saw, rechargeable

Power Jigsaw

Craftsman full set of sockets, box wrenches, and Allen wrenches

(metric and standard)

Full set of drill bits

Full set of various driver bits

72 pc. screw set

100 Phillips self tapping screws

Buster Penetrating Lubricant

Waxed Whipping Twine with needle


High Quality Pocket Knife

Outdoor Sportsman Knife

Cable Ties (re-enterable, permanent, and Velcro)



Bag of microfiber cloths - Sam’s Club (phenomenal absorbency and cleaning strength)

Dogbone shaped sponge

Stiff deck brush

Chamois mop

Deck brush adjustable handle

Boat Soap

Metal cleaner

Soft Scrub

Star Clean polish

Metal polishing wadding

Boat hook tip for brush handle


Go Anywhere seat (padded seat with back) - West Marine

Logbook - West Marine

US Flag - West Marine

Four large fenders (in addition to six which came with boat) - West Marine

Two extra large fenders - West Marine

Fender lines - West Marine

Fortress 55 Anchor (second anchor) - Sailorman

Achilles RIB Inflatable, 12 ft (11’ 6”) - Defender

Towing Bridle - Defender

Anchor for Dinghy - Defender

Tohatsu (Nissan)15 hp outboard motor - Porta-Bote

Spectra Newport 400MKIIC watermaker - Murray Marine

Spendide Washer/Dryer - Defender

Hook and Go Cart

Rocna 55 lb anchor - West Marine

Expresso Dahon folding bikes