Hillside Food Supply and Long Island Breeze Restaurant

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We heard that the grocery stores in Long Island, in particular the ones in Salt Pond, were excellent.  We have found them to be well stocked, even days after the mail boat has brought fresh products.  Most of the food comes from the States.  The prices are reasonable and it’s a good place to provision.  There are two stores nearby, Hardings and Hillside. The Long Island Breeze is a restaurant and bar.  They rent rooms and have a pool, laundry, showers, and another amenities.  It is very close to where we are anchored and they let cruisers use their dinghy dock to come ashore for any reason.  Garbage cans are next to it for free use by cruisers.  We can also leave propane tanks to be filled on Wednesdays.  Mike, the owner, provides wifi if you buy anything at his restaurant, even a $2 soda.  He also runs a cruiser’s net on VHF channel 18 with a weather report, announcements and “open mike” at 8:30 am.