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Mark and Jan attended high school together in Duluth, Minnesota and then went their separate ways.  They reconnected at a class reunion over 40 years later.   Mark had retired as a Project Management Specialist from 3M and Jan had retired from teaching middle school English.  Minnesota is a great place to live, but they wanted to try something different during their second adolescence.  They love traveling and after growing up in Minnesota, of course they love the water.  Traveling + water = boat. 

First Mate Daisy was born in April, 2005.  She is a Goldendoodle and the good news is she’s more Poodle than Golden Retriever and doesn’t shed.  While she has never liked traveling in cars, she hopped aboard Seas the Day and immediately felt at home.  Her favorite spot is under the saloon table, and while she will jump 3+ feet to get aboard at high tide, she refuses to walk down a few steps to the cabins.  Therefore, she sleeps alone in the saloon. When we are sailing, she stays at the helm, as she seems to feel safest there.  Her most important job is to “guard the house” and she has become a great watchdog. She will lick someone to death if they break in.

Why the name Seas the Day?  Well, that’s what they want to do - seize this day and all the days to come.  Incidentally, the dinghy is named Relish the Night.

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