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Charleston to Miami


After spending July through October in Charleston at the Maritime Center, we left to begin our trip south to Miami.  The end result would be to get ready for a crossing to The Bahamas. It is possible to sail non-stop from Charleston to Ft. Lauderdale in three days, with another short day to Miami, but we were in no rush as hurricane season lasts until November 1 so that would be the earliest we would leave for The Bahamas.  Murphy’s Law intervened so a leisurely cruise down the East Coast and a week or so to provision and get ready for our Bahamas trip, stretched into 2 1/2 months.  Below are the highlights of this time period.

•We made slow progress when we left Charleston to go to Hilton Head but discovered that was due to barnacles on the props.

•A sail tore and had to be replaced it in St. Augustine.

•The GPS went out in New Smyrna Beach and mysteriously returned a day later after we had sailed to Port Canaveral using a handheld GPS.

•We went to the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show which was disappointing.

•Jennifer visited us in Ft. Lauderdale.

•We spent time anchored in Lake Sylvia shortly after the law restricting anchoring more than three days was changed.

•We provisioned for six months in The Bahamas.

•We visited the emergency room in Ft. Lauderdale with a kidney stone,

•After arriving in Miami, we stayed in three different anchorages while waiting for good weather to cross.

•We went to Bimini on December 15 and had to be towed back to Ft. Lauderdale before we got there due to an engine problem.

•Christmas was spent in No Name Harbor with a group of other people waiting to go to The Bahamas.

•FINALLY, we left for Bimini on New Years’ Eve and had an uneventful sail there to begin our first Bahamas cruise.

Charleston to Miami Blog Entries

October 14 - December 30, 2009